Decorative Products

Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
Interior Sealer, for Plasterboard (Gib) & Timber. Fast dry & easy sanding with excellent adhesion & coverage.

Acrylic Primer Undercoat 
Interior/Exterior Primer, for Fibre-cement, Timber & Masonry. Fast dry & easy sanding with excellent adhesion & penetration.

An interior surfacer for level 5 paint finishes. Save time on skim coating and apply a smooth coat of acrylic preparation paint that has excellent hold-out.

Alkyd Primer Undercoat
High Quality oil based primer that primes & undercoats most surfaces. The penetrating and sealing properties and excellent adhesion provide an excellent base for your topcoat.

Alkyd Pigmented Sealer
Oil based sealer for Gib, Cement, Timber & Plaster surfaces. Helps protect the surface from attack and provides an excellent surface for your topcoat. Ideal for sealing aged or porous surfaces.

All 'n One Primer
A true all purpose product, for interior & exterior use. With outstanding hiding, filling & sanding properties. Formulated as a smooth surface sealer, All 'n One requires minimal preparation and can be used on most surfaces. Can be top coated with both water based and solvent based paints.