Sika® Unitherm® Platinum

- Solvent-free, Ultra High Build, 2-pack, Modified Epoxy Based Intumescent Fire Protection Coating For Internally Or Externally Exposed Structural Steel

Sika® Unitherm® Platinum is a solvent-free, 100 % solids, 2-pack, modified epoxy based intumescent fire protection coating for internally or externally exposed structural steel, where it provides highest durability and combined corrosion protection (up to ISO 12944, corrosivity category C5) and fire protection (up to R90).

It is easily applied with standard airless spray equipment, requires no reinforcement, cures rapidly to a very tough and damage resistant finish, ready for handling and transport the next day. Solvent-free according to Protective Coatings Directive of German Paint Industry Association (VdL-RL 04).

Sika® Unitherm® Platinum may only be used by experienced professionals. Sika® Unitherm® Platinum is designed primarily for inshop application on structural steel that is to be internally or externally exposed. No additional sealers or top coats are required unless specific lightfast coloured finishes are required.


  • Solvent-free, 100 % solids
  • Low odour and zero flash risk
  • Halogen-free
  • Easy application with single-leg spray equipment Can be applied in 1-coat for up to 4 mm dry film thickness, no additional reinforcement required at any time
  • Application directly on blast cleaned steel surfaces
  • Rapid cure - next day handling and transport Very tough - minimal handling damage and touch-up costs
  • Highly resistant to mechanical impact and damage in service
  • Suitable for small sections and complex steel sections
  • Very good cosmetic appearance
  • Durable for a long service life
  • Expected life cycle > 25 years Meets Type X classification (i.e. exterior conditions), no primer and top coat needed
  • Excellent corrosion protection properties according to ISO 12944, corrosivity class C5 (as coating system)
  • Complies with the highest quality requirements (level 4) of DGNB
Product Data Sheet


  • Premium interior washable low sheen finish for all areas
  • Ultra tough “ceramic” pigment for maximum wear resistance
  • Beautiful low sheen “mineral look” finish
  • Can be used in kitchens and well ventilated bathroom areas
  • Available in all current market colours
  • Ideal for walls and ceilings in rental properties
  • Easy to apply with no roller marks or uneven sheen patches

The best paint for use on Interior walls and ceilings. Velvet can also be used on trim and window frames if using a water based enamel such as Aquatec LP is not an option. Our testing (to international standards) has shown that Velvet has the best stain and scrub resistance of any of the currently available similar products on the market and it is this quality along with the absolute ease of application and ability to get the best finish off a brush or roller that has Velvet held in such high regard by top end trade painters.


  • Specialised high build acrylic water based sealer/undercoat.
  • Applied with brush, roller or spray
  • Able to be applied to a high wet film in one coat to assist in filling and hiding minor imperfections
  • Very easy sanding
  • Can be used on Plasterboard, plaster, wood, MDF and most porous surfaces
  • Also used as a “filler” on block work or concrete to help achieve a smoother surface prior to top coating

As a sealer/undercoat for plasterboard, wood and composite board such as MDF and Tri Board, Easysand is at the top of the list for a user friendly multi purpose sealer undercoat for all interior work. The level of finish that can be achieved is dependant on the film build and the skill of the applicator. A level 5 finish is achievable. Easysand can also be used in some exterior environments where a "filling" sealer is needed to help smooth out surfaces before painting but we recommend checking with our technical department prior to this to ensure the best results.


  • Highly flexible 100% acrylic membrane coating
  • Latest technology for greatest flexibility
  • Exterior durability equal to the best acrylic exterior paints
  • High film build helps mask surface imperfections in plaster
  • Designed for plaster, concrete or block work where fine surface cracking is likely to occur leading to “tearing” of ordinary paint films
  • Able to stretch over cracks up to 400µ
  • Special surface hardening (cross linking) chemistry than leaves the paint flexible but the surface resistant to dirt pickup
  • Available in heat reflecting pigment colours (check with our Technical department for use and LRV values)

Elastomer 888 has been used in the New Zealand market now for many years and has proven to be a stand out product for the exterior painting of plaster, concrete and block buildings. Designed primarily for commercial buildings, Elastomer 888 is now widely accepted as the best finish for domestic plaster and block houses. Elastomer 888 has a smooth low sheen "mineral" look and is available in all colours currently on the New Zealand market. Elastomer 888 can also be tinted using heat reflecting pigments to allow use of darker colours while reducing the amount of heat generated in the substrate.