Jota Armour

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Jota Armour ,

Jota Armour is a three component, abrasion resistant polyamine cured epoxy coating, specially designed as an anti-skid topcoat on top of suitable primer or directly on concrete in atmospheric environments. Jota Armour is sold as kits and two kits are available, one with standard curing agent, and one with low temperature/wintergrade (WG) curing agent.


Jota Armour provides a coarse surface with non-slip performance in wet, oily and icy conditions.

Rough and tough
Jota Armour combines a high solids, surface tolerant, abrasion resistant, epoxy coating with a selected blend of fused aluminium oxide.

High coefficient of friction (COF)
The surface profile is rough with deep and sharp asperities – creating a high COF that provides exceptional non-slip properties for people and equipment even when applied on a sloping ramp or walk-way.

NORSOK pre-qualification
Jota Armour is pre-qualified in NORSOK coating systems


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