Pilot QD Primer

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Pilot QD Primer ,

Pilot QD Primer is a surface tolerant zinc phosphate pigmented primer that can be applied directly to steel, aluminium or wood. It is quick and easy to apply with good adhesion properties.


  • save you one coat due to its high build properties compared to conventional alkyd and acrylic primers.
  • Improve your productivity: Pilot QD Primer forms a hard, dry film in only 1.5 hours, enabling you to move, stack, ship or use your coated items rapidly. And then start another painting process.
  • Prolonged maintenance interval: Pilot QD Primer increases time between maintenance when used as a primer coat in mild to medium corrosive environments.
  • Pilot QD Primer can be used as a one-coat direct-to-metal product in atmospheric corrosivity classes C2 (Ref. ISO 12944).

Topcoats Together with topcoats like Pilot II, Pilot QD Primer will form a medium corrosion protection system, as defined by ISO 12944. Approvals and certificates Pilot QD Primer can be used as a primer under the Steel Master range of Intumescent coatings.


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