Propeller Coat Trade 1.5L

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Propeller Coat Extra Large Pack (1.5L) Coverage 1.6sqm

The marine environment is a tough test for paint, varnish and anti-foul coatings and gives no quarter to poor quality products. Only the best products will keep top-sides bright and the underneath clean from fouling.

Propeller Coat leisure products are made by a major Japanese company listed on the Japanese Nikkei stock market index and one of world’s oldest and most respected manufacturers of marine paint and anti-foul products for the commercial marine and container industry. They have been manufacturing paint and anti-foul for over 90 years and have a presence in over forty countries world-wide. Over fifth of the world’s commercial shipping fleets rely upon CMP for reliable protection at competitive prices.

Propeller Coat is designed to provide ultimate protection against the harmful effect of weed, barnacles and fouling attaching itself to boat propellers, engines and stern gear. Propeller Coat is for use on bronze, aluminium or plastic surfaces and for all types of sailing and motor boats, is a completely safe eco-friendly product.

Propeller Coat is a transparent silicon based product, resulting in an ultra slippery, non-stick surface, which weed and fouling find difficult to adhere to.

Propeller Coat is referred to as a “foul-release” coating, which means that after initial application, fouling may loosely attach, but is easily and quickly removed by the result of water movement across the treated surface, or by the action of the prop as it turns within the water. Any other treated areas, such as outboard or inboard engines can be washed down with water or by water blasting, to dislodge any loose fouling attachments.


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