Sikaflex® MS 300ML White, 12 Pack

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Sikaflex® MS has been formulated for sealing joints in and around concrete, brick, masonry, pre-cast panels, stone cladding, windows, doors and fibre cement sheeting. Sikaflex® MS bonds well to:

  • Concrete and masonry
  • Cement plaster systems
  • Aluminium, copper, brass and zinc
  • Stainless, mild or galvanised steel
  • Glass and ceramic tiles
  • Glass reinforced plastics
  • Fibre reinforced cement sheetings
  • Timber, particleboard, hardboard and plywood (refer to Limitations section)
  • Butylclad rubber products – chase sealing
446247 Brand:
High performance multi-purpose modified silicone sealant

Sikaflex® MS is a tough, durable elastomeric joint sealant suitable for use in a wide range of external and internal building applications. It is based upon SMP technology resulting in a unique combination of properties ideally suited to New Zealand climatic conditions. Sikaflex® MS has excellent primer less adhesion to a wide range of common building substrates as indicated below and does not stain concrete, marble and other masonry surfaces.

  • ood primerless* adhesion to most common building materials
  • Paintable any time after curing, with water-based paints (compatibility testing recommended prior to full application)
  • Will not stain masonry, marble or other surfaces

* Refer to Priming section.


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