Sikasil® NG Silicone Sealant 300ml Translucent, 12 Pack

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Sikasil® NG has been specifically formulated for use as a joint sealant between acrylic plastic shower, bath and basin units and adjacent building components. Sikasil® NG is also suitable for general purpose sealing to and between a wide range of plastics.

446067 Brand:
Specialist grade silicone sealant with superior mould resistance and unique adhesion to bathroom acrylic plastics

Sikasil® NG is a neutral cure, silicone sealant which provides a permanent watertight seal to various substrates including acrylic plastics, ceramics, and some powder coated surfaces. Sikasil® NG exceeds the 15 year minimum requirements of the durability provisions of the New Zealand Building Regulations 1992 Clause B2 providing:

  • It is used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations’.
  • It is used with the design parameters stated in this data sheet.
  • It is used in conjunction with other approved building systems and materials.

Durability covers weathering and adhesion characteristics. For conditions outside those stated in this data sheet, contact Sika’s Technical Service Department.


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